Terms of Business

  1. This document sets out the basis on which we will conduct business with you and on your behalf. It is an important document and we would ask you to read it carefully and if you are unsure of any of its terms please ask.
  2.  The terms of this Agreement come into force immediately on acceptance (implied or actual) of its terms by you and will remain in force until cancelled by us or you, or replaced by a later version.
  3. Bithell Asset Finance Solutions Ltd is authorized & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under number 649139 for Consumer Credit purposes. You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting www.fca.org.uk/register/ or by contacting the FCA at 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HS or telephone 0845 606 1234


The range of our advice and financial planning objectives

4. Bithell Asset Finance Solutions Ltd and your adviser are Independent and act on your behalf as your agent.  Your adviser is therefore able to advise you on all types of Hire Purchase products offered. However, your product is likely to come from a panel of lenders we have chosen after conducting whole of market research. Please ask us for a list of the products we may give advice on.

5. We are permitted to give advice on Hire Purchase products and arrange transactions in these products.

6. In order to provide you with personal financial advice and recommendations suitable for your particular circumstances we will undertake a ‘fact find’ to gather the appropriate information to assess your needs. We will then be able to set out clearly your financial planning objectives based on your stated objectives, acceptable level of risk and any restrictions you wish to place on the type of agreements you are willing to consider. Details of your stated objectives will be set out in a Report we will issue to you to confirm our recommendation.

7. You hereby acknowledge that in the event of the firm assisting you in the completion of any application forms that you will in any event continue to bear full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information entered on such forms. Therefore you understand that inclusion of incorrect information or omission of any material facts may result in the contract to which the application relates to being adversely adjusted or made void.  The advice we give you will be based on the information you have given us and your stated objectives.

The Cost of our Services
8. You will not pay us for our services. We are remunerated by commission paid directly to us by the lender. Although you pay nothing up front that does not mean our service is free. The existence and nature of commission arrangements where the commission varies depending on the lender, product or other permissible factors will always be disclosed.

Client Money
9. For your additional security we do not handle client’s money. We never accept a cheque made out to us (unless it is a cheque in settlement of our fees or other charges or disbursements for which we have sent you an invoice).  We do not handle cash.

10. If you should have any complaint about the advice you receive or a product you have bought please bring them to our attention in the first instance.

Cancellation Rights
The cancellation rights for each agreement you have been advised on will be explained to you in your report which we will give you before or at the time you apply for the loan.

12.We are not connected to any lender, but occasions may arise where we, or one of our other customers, will have some form of interest in business, which we are transacting for you.  If this happens, or we become aware that our interests or those of one of our other customers conflict with your interests, we will inform you in writing and obtain your consent before we carry out your instructions.  There may be occasions when we will be unable to act for one of the parties.

Risk Warnings
13. Relevant risk warnings will be advised to you throughout the financial planning process and in your report.

Termination of Authority
14. You or we may terminate our authority and/or this agreement to act on your behalf at any time without penalty. Notice of this termination must be given in writing and will take effect from the date of receipt. Termination is without prejudice to any transactions already initiated which will be completed according to this letter unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Anti Money Laundering
We are required to verify your identity in accordance with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. We reserve the right to approach third parties and to delay any applications until adequate verification of identity has been obtained.

Client’s Consent
This is our standard client agreement upon which we intend to rely. For your own benefit and protection you should read these terms carefully. If you do not understand any point please ask for further information. If you do not agree to these terms please notify us immediately.